Landshape is a research project which goal is to establish a new way of living.

Landshape will be the name of a fund and mother unit that will support the construction of various cities around the world. We call these cities Hybrid Cities. Hybrid Cities will support a new way of living and interacting with each other. Hybrid Cities is a mixture of the current, modern city systems and our new, innovative, green city vision. The realisation of Hybrid Cities will be a process that we have estimated will take 16 years. Hybrid Cities is the first step in a development phase that will ultimately take us to the realisation of Sustainable Cities: our end goal.

What is a sustainable city?

A sustainable city is by our definition a city that offers a high living standard with a minimum of work, high diversity in personal development, and at the same time living in harmony with nature. However, the city will be based on a high-tech lifestyle to benefit from advanced and intelligent technological design. There will be no pollution from the city, and it is self-supporting and self-supplying. For the city to be sustainable there should be an overflow of energy and food, which is given to the surrounding areas. According to our plan, sustainable cities will be a reality within the next 50 years. Hybrid Cities will be possible already in 2032.

Nothing is set in stone in Landshape, apart from constant change and comfortable steps. We are open to ideas and creativity, and the project has been - and will continue to be - shaped by the people participating. The plan we hereby present is meant as a first draft. The intention is to renew the outline of the project every year until the beginning of the construction phase (2024). This process should be influenced by everyone involved in the research program, through at least one main event held once a year with all interested parties.

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